Alaria Moss Gypsy Horses

The first time Debby saw a Gypsy Horse was in Ireland in the mid-1990's.  She was on vacation and early one misty morning, happened upon a pasture beside the road.  She looked up and on top of the hill was this magnificent black and white, small draft horse with feathers!  She was captivated.  Upon her return to the US, she researched and found that they were called Gypsy Cobs (one group of folks were calling them Gypsy Vanners).  She knew then that she wanted one of these beautiful horses!

Debby told her sister Bobbi about the horses and they each tucked away a thought that one day.....


ALARIA MOSS GYPSY HORSES is the result of that dream.


Our family had owned ponies and horses most of our lives.  Here are a couple of photos we found in an old box.  Josie was our first pony who we bought as a 3 year old;  Charky was her first foal and Minnie was her 2nd foal.

Debby on Josie   Bobbi on Minnie (with Gus)   Bobbi on Charky

Through a twist of fate, careers, and similar interests, Debby and Bobbi ended up living across the lane from each other in the small Northern Virginia town of Nokesville.   Bobbi boarded her Quarter Horse/Morgan cross gelding, Guinness, at Debby's farm (Moss Ridge).  Bobbi and Debby rode many miles of trails on their light horses, Guinness and Merlyn.  Here are a couple of photos of them:

Guinness Bobbi & Guinness Debby & Merlyn Merlyn


We bought our first Gypsy, Clononeen Kerin in April 2006 shortly after Merlyn was diagnosed with advanced navicular syndrome and no longer ride-able.  Like many folks, we bought Kerin sight unseen ... Bobbi had seen a photo of her face on and inquired about her from the seller, Desert Jewel Whispering Winds Gypsy Horses.  


Here's the photo that launched the dream:




The rest is history and detailed on the following pages.